Spring has sprung!

Spring finally seems to be here and gardens are coming to life with new growth, birds nesting and bees busily collecting nectar. Herbaceous perennials are beginning to send up new shoots.  They are particularly prized by slugs and snails so make sure you have protection in place.  It is amazing how much damage they can […]

New beginnings

If you don’t venture out the garden can look pretty dead at this time of year.  However, get outside and it is soon apparent that things are already getting ready for Spring.  There are buds forming on some trees and shrubs, bulbs coming up with snowdrops coming into flower and hellebores beginning to flower.  There […]

Jingle bells, jingle bells…

I can’t believe we are already into December.  This year has flown.  Although today is another mild day we have had some sharp frosts and a few days of cold North winds so if you haven’t done so already get your tender plants into a sheltered or frost-free spot. The frosts mean dahlias have now […]

The clocks have changed

Although it has been mild through October I think it’s safe to say we are now definitely in Autumn.  The clocks have gone back and the last Saturday in October saw the first frost.  The grass at the yard when I arrived to turn the horses out was white and crisp.  It looked beautiful in […]