Sedum spectabile

Although it is included with Sedums its name is really Hylotelephium spectabile.  It provides fabulous Autumn colour just as many other plants are beginning to give up for the year.  Bees and other pollinators love them and they provide a much needed source of nectar as the number of flowers available to them begins to […]


The archetypal cottage garden plant producing towering spires of flowers in a multitude of colours.  Hollyhocks are either biennials or short-lived perennials.  They enjoy a south or west facing, sunny position on chalk, loam or sandy soils.  They will self-seed and so continue in the garden. They can reach a height of 2m or so […]


Lupins are fabulous cottage garden plants with spires of colourful flowers which last most of the summer.  To keep them flowering remove the flower spike as the flowers die and they will put up more. However, don’t cut the plants back hard.  They don’t like it!  It can take them months to recover if in […]


Herbaceous peonies are bushy plants which grow to about 80cm in height.  They like a sheltered spot with sun most of the day and dislike being planted too deeply. In the winter they will die off to come back in the Spring.  The flowers are large and heavy so the plant is best if it […]


Dahlias come in a wide range of colours and flower shapes and make great cut flowers. Perfect for providing some late summer colour as the showy herbaceous perennials from earlier begin to finish their display. They produce lots of flowers, especially if you dead-head regularly, from July through to the first frosts in October/November. They […]