The clocks have changed

Although it has been mild through October I think it’s safe to say we are now definitely in Autumn.  The clocks have gone back and the last Saturday in October saw the first frost.  The grass at the yard when I arrived to turn the horses out was white and crisp.  It looked beautiful in […]


I can’t believe we have done Halloween and are already into November especially as it is so mild.  I’ve still got pelargoniums flowering in the garden (yes, I’m very behind and have not managed to get them in yet!).  The Autumn colours this year have been particularly good. This warm weather means the grass is […]

Remember, remember…

I can’t believe we are already into November, especially as it is still so warm.  I’ve still got pelargoniums flowering outside although they are beginning to look a bit tired so I shall be changing them this weekend for some Autumn/Winter bedding. Whilst there is less choice for pots and baskets for the Winter you […]


Despite the short days November can still be relatively warm so there is often weeding still to be done.  The Winter can also be a good opportunity to catch up if the garden got away from you over the summer as although still growing the weeds are not quite as prolific as during the summer. […]