Garden design

Are you looking out the window right now dreaming of a garden you can feel proud of?

One that doesn’t have to make room for swings, toys, trampolines or football pitches now your children have flown the nest?

Or you may even be despairing over a garden you’ve inherited from the previous owners that – well, requires some rethinking to make it a space you can enjoy.

And sometimes, you’ve been inspired by a TV programme or glossy magazine and just feel like a change of scenery – and why not?!

When clients contact us it’s because they need help to transform what is often a dull, functional space into a place they want to spend quality time.  A place to relax and unwind.  A place to entertain.  A place to plant new and exciting plants and flowers then watch them grow.

Each of you will have ideas about what a ‘perfect garden’ should be.

Pioneering American botanist and horticulturist Luther Burbank is reported to have said: “The secret of improved plant breeding, apart from scientific knowledge is love.”

Well, great news! You’ve found a team that will deliver both knowledge and love to your project because we are experienced designers and horticulturalists with the necessary qualifications to not only take on your project but also to exceed your expectations.  We love what we do, and we care about your happiness.  We want you to fall in love with your garden again.  And we want it to be the place of your dreams.

How do you get the garden you’ve always wanted?

It’s easier than you think.

Experience has taught us that everyone has different requirements for their garden.  There is no ‘one size fits all’.   Each of your dreams will be very different and will probably change or grow along with your garden.  So our packages are designed to help you discover the right support for you and your garden dreams.   The Design Process depends on which package you choose but is all explained here.


Planting by Numbers – from £449+VAT

This is one of our most popular packages.

It’s perfect if you’re happy with your garden layout but want some help to bring your borders alive.  It’s for that situation where you can see the potential is there, but you need some expertise and guidance on planting the right plants and flowers to make an ‘okay space’ into a ‘WOW!’ place.

After spending time with you in your garden to get a feel for the space and any challenges (over a cup of tea is always nice, but not a prerequisite!), we’ll then take time over the next week to consider the best planting solutions for you.

Once we’ve reached the ideal ‘Ta-da’ moment (and every garden has one!), you’ll receive a full planting plan showing which plant should go where.  It will be labelled with the plants’ botanical names and the quantities of plants needed.   And to support this, you will also receive a full planting specification to give to your chosen nursery so they can quote you for the supply and delivery of those plants.

But our involvement doesn’t stop there.  Also included in this package is a maintenance schedule to help you take care of your new plants.  And our number in case you get stuck.

Note: A survey may be required, and this is payable direct to the surveyor.

Simply Redesign – from £649+VAT

The Simply Redesign package is a favourite choice for those of you with smaller gardens or less complex designs.

We start with a site visit and briefing as above (again, cups of tea are lovely at this stage!) and fro this, an initial outline design is created.

What you’ll receive is a detailed masterplan to get you excited about your garden once more.  The plan will show what goes where, e.g. terraces, lawns, flower beds etc.  You’ll get the opportunity to carefully consider our ideas and make sure they’re what you had hoped for.  And if we don’t get it 100% right the first time, or our suggestions spark inspiration, you can make up to two amends on the original plan.

Once you’re happy the detailed master plan is finalised.  The document is used by landscape contractors to provide a quote for the next stage – the garden build.

Note: A full survey will be required and this is payable direct to the surveyor.

Simply Redesign plus – from £998+VAT

If your garden requires both the Simply Redesign package and the Planting by Numbers, you can easily combine the two.

This will take away any stress or worries you may feel as we can take care of all that’s needed before passing the project to your chosen experienced landscape contractor.

It gives you, and them, all the information needed to create your dream garden.

Bespoke Redesign

This is our complete Done For You service and is ideal for more extensive gardens and complicated designs.

All that’s required from you is to tell us what you love (and what you don’t like) at each stage of the design, then wait excitedly to enjoy your beautiful new garden!

Our team take complete control and project manage the process.  From helping you choose the right plants (Planting by Numbers) to the design (Simply Redesign) to producing more detailed designs and construction drawings – even sourcing the plants, arranging their delivery and finding the perfect landscape contractor to build your garden for your.

Prices are, of course, dependent on the scale of the project and after the initial briefing will be discussed thoroughly.


As part of the Garden Design the existing beds were reshaped
Preparing and reshaping the beds ready for replanting

Additional services

Simply Garden Redesign can also offer several additional services to make your dream garden easier to achieve.  Such as:

Project management

We will ensure your project runs smoothly and efficiently by monitoring the construction process of the design through regular visits.

We also act as the liaison between you and the contractor; ensuring your garden is built as expected, so there are no nasty surprises from miscommunication!

Sourcing plants

We can find the perfect plants; obtain quotes and negotiate delivery options.

Border preparation

Your flower beds will be prepared, ready for planting – we’ll even take delivery of your plants for you, lay them out then install them; and water them in too!