Looking after our customers, as well as their gardens, is very important to Simply Garden Maintenance.  You can rely on us turning up when we say and doing a great job.  However, you don’t just have to take my word for it.  To back that up we make the following guarantees:

We promise to:

always make appointments and arrive on time
Waiting for people to turn-up is extremely frustrating.  We will always arrange a time and date for visits so you know when to expect us.

Regular maintenance clients will have their slot so they know from one visit to the next when we will be in their garden.

If we are going to be more than 10 minutes late we will always phone you and let you know we are on our way.  In adverse weather conditions, which prevent us from working, we will phone in good time to rearrange for another day.

have clear pricing
For regular maintenance the frequency and length of the visits will be agreed in advance so you know what your monthly payment gives you.

be clean and tidy
We will leave your garden tidy and clear up as we go along making sure paths are swept and mud-free before we leave.

be friendly and courteous
We know your garden is an extension of your home and the place you come to relax and unwind.  No-one who works for Simply Garden Maintenance will have the radio playing, smoke or swear anywhere on your property.

All members of staff will be appropriately dressed; we won’t treat your garden like a beach.

If we are having a bad day we won’t bring it with us but will always be friendly, polite and cheerful.


“Andrea rescued me when my garden needed urgent attention and over just a few months restored it.  She is very knowledgeable and reliable and happily takes the initiative and also had some really good ideas.”  Liz Fairhead, Southborough