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Gardening in April The Garden Year
Bergenia are known as Elephants’ ears because of their large glossy leaves which become tinged with red in cold weather.  They are evergreen so make good ground cover and are easy to grow. The flowers appear on upright stems in various shades of bright pink and white.  They are good for pollinators. They grow in […] (Read More)
Gardening in April The Garden Year
Dicentra spectabilis (now named Lamprocapnos spectabilis) is a lovely early Spring perennial. Its common name is Bleeding Heart.  It has divided leaves and tall, graceful arching sprays of heart-shaped pink and white flowers. It is a perennial so will die back after flowering.  As it flowers so early in the Spring it dies back in […] (Read More)
Gardening in April The Garden Year
Oh to be in England now that April’s here… It is a lovely time of year to be in the garden; lots of new growth, bright new leaves and lots more flowers. Grass cutting is already underway.  As long as no hard frosts are forecast the ground has warmed enough to allow repairs with turf or […] (Read More)