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Gardening in July
Hemerocallis are more commonly known as day lilies.  A herbaceous perennial they are drought tolerant and easy to grow. Although not a lily the flowers are large trumpet-like flowers.  It is called day lily because the individual flowers only last a short time.  However, they have lots of flowers so the flowering season lasts for […] (Read more)
Gardening in July The Garden Year
The archetypal cottage garden plant producing towering spires of flowers in a multitude of colours.  Hollyhocks are either biennials or short-lived perennials.  They enjoy a south or west facing, sunny position on chalk, loam or sandy soils.  They will self-seed and so continue in the garden. They can reach a height of 2m or so […] (Read more)
Gardening in July The Garden Year
July – school’s out! It’s July and the start of the holiday season. Hopefully we will have some summer weather and lots of opportunities to enjoy being out in the garden. Here are a few things to do in between barbecues! If you are going away have you sored out how to  keep your pots […] (Read more)