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Gardening in September Perennials The Garden Year
Commonly known as “Gaura” it has recently been renamed Oenothera and is in the same family as evening primrose. Loved by bees and other pollinators, it has a delicate appearance and long blooming period from mid-summer to mid/late autumn. It needs a spot in full sun and is a great plant for drought conditions.  It […] (Read more)
Gardening in September The Garden Year
A large clump forming grass.  The green leaves turn bronze in the Winter and it has silver flower plumes in late summer. In early Spring cut the previous year’s growth down to about 10cm. It likes to grow in full sun in most sites as long as it is not in wet ground.  It reaches […] (Read more)
Gardening in September The Garden Year
Although it is included with Sedums its name is really Hylotelephium spectabile.  It provides fabulous Autumn colour just as many other plants are beginning to give up for the year.  Bees and other pollinators love them and they provide a much needed source of nectar as the number of flowers available to them begins to […] (Read more)
Gardening in September The Garden Year
Summer’s end – September is here September always seems to come round so quickly. One minute we are just getting into summer and then it is September.  Although it means we are heading into Autumn there are lots of lovely colours in the garden and the dahlias are at their best.  As Summer draws to […] (Read more)