Garden Shed Nasties

Spring is traditionally thought of as the time for a clear out but for gardeners Autumn is the main tidying season as we remove the old growth from this year, sweep up the leaves and make our gardens ready for Winter.  Many of us also sort out our sheds or greenhouses to make room for more tender plants to come in for protection from the cold.



As you tidy up it is amazing how many old bottles of various chemicals can be found lurking at the back, or up on a shelf.  Many are not only illegal to sell now but also to use as we become more aware of their effects either on our own health, for example creosote type products, or their effects on the environment in particular bees and other vital pollinating insects.


Although some of these were removed from sale several years ago I thought it may be useful to share this link to the list on the Royal Horticultural Society’s site.  The critical bit is the active ingredients as in some cases the brand name has been kept but the ingredients changed.

If you do have some to throw out please don’t pour them down the drain or put them in your household rubbish.  Most council tips will have a special bit for chemicals or check with your local council.

Just think; once you’ve cleared them out it means you will have room for even more plants.  And that is always a good thing!

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