December Plant Of The Month – Winter jasmine

Although a deciduous shrub Winter jasmine appears evergreen because its stems are bright green.  The flowers appear from mid-November and can last into February to cover the bare stems too.  The nudiflorum bit of its name means naked flowers as there are no leaves when it flowers.

It tends to be grown up a fence or wall.  However, the shoots are not self-clinging so it will need tying-in.  Prune once the flowers have finished in February or March to stop the plant becoming straggly.  If it is an established plant this can be done with a pair of shears.  The flowers will last quite well if cut so good for Christmas flower arrangements.

They are easy to grow. They are also drought tolerant which means they are great for growing against a wall which is often dry as it is sheltered from rain.  They will grow in most soils and like a sunny or partially sunny spot.  Where a stem touches the ground it roots so they are an easy plant to propagate.  Just cut out the bit of stem that has rooted and plant it somewhere else. ?


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